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Hexagonal Reducing Nipple

Hexagonal Reducing Nipple

Bolton Pipe Fittings Hex Reducing Nipples are widely used for joining pipes in automotive, plumbing, and piping industries. Hex Reducing Nipples connect the different sizes of female threading at two ends. Hex Reducing Nipples are made from stainless steel bar stock and present a straight shape.

Hexagonal Reducing Nipple

Hex Reducing Nipple.

The full series includes straight, elbow, tee, barbed hose, bulkhead, reducer pipe fittings. Other fitting threads can be customized.

Leak-Free Design.
Fast and Easy Installation.
Material: SUS304, SUS316, Corrosive resistance
Working Pressure: 210 kgf/cm²
Size: 1/8" ~ 2"
Thread: PT, NPT