37° Swivel Fitting (Female)
PT x TH37 Swivel Straight Fittings 3
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PT x TH37 Swivel Straight Fittings

PT x TH37 Swivel Straight Fittings

Bolton PT x TH37 Swivel Straight Fittings are widely used in hosing connections for chemical processing systems, fuels transportation, fluid power and gases application.

Bolton JIC 37° Flare Swivel Fittings Male Connector, Bolton JIC 37° Taper Swivel Fittings Male Connector

Bolton JIC 37° Swivel Fittings Male Connector.

Bolton PT x TH37 Swivel Straight Fittings are constructed with stainless steel and present a straight shape. One end is Bolton JIC 37° Flare seat as well as UN / UNF thread and the other is a male thread to connect hydraulic soft crimp hose fittings or swivel hydraulic fittings.

Bolton Swivel Hydraulic Fitting series provides a variety of selections, including straight unions, 45-degree elbows, 90-degree elbows, Tees, nuts, plugs and caps. Flare design adopts taper metal sealing technology to provide crack resistance withing worrying about temperature and fluid.

Taper design to reach Leak-free and Crack resistance.
Heat resistance, impact resistance, corrosive resistance, and high-temperature resistance.

Working Temperature: 210 kgf/cm²
Suitable OD (37°): 1/4 ~ 2 Inch
Thread: PT, NPT, UNF 1/4 ~ 2 Inch

Suitable for hosing connection for chemical processing systems, lathes, agriculture and heavy machines, instrumentations, and water processing sectors.