Two-Way Shutoff Quick Coupling
QC Series Quick Couplings3
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QC Series Quick Couplings

QC Series Quick Couplings

BOLTON QC Series Quick Couplings are compact and lightweight, suitable for diverse applications. The push-pull action to connect and disconnect enables quick and easy operation. Its DESO (double-end shutoff) design opens the passage when the body (socket) and stem (plug) are connected; the passage closes when the body (socket) and stem (plug) are disconnected.

特色 Features
■ 雙閥門設計,以防止流體在快速接頭斷開時洩漏
■ 本體材質 SS316
■ 最大工作壓力 3000 psig (206 bar)
■ 結實的外環可保護母體的開口端
■ 母體的鎖定裝置以大面積固定子體,增加穩定性
■ 數種接口型式可依系統需求選用
■ 尺寸範圍: 1/4" ~ 1/2"、6 mm ~ 12 mm

■ DESO (double-end shutoff) design prevents leakage when disconnected
■ SS316 material
■ Maximum working pressure up to 3000 psig (206 bar)
■ Heavy-duty sleeve shields the open end of the body (socket)
■ The locking device in the body (socket) holds a stem (plug) with a large contact area to increase the stability
■ Choice of replaceable end connections provides added system versatility
■ Size: 1/4" ~ 1/2", 6 mm ~ 12 mm