Quick Couplings3
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  • NL Series Quick Coupling

    BOLTON NL Series Quick Couplings are single valve designed for general use. They are divided by flows:
    NL20 type (low flow) and NL40 type (high flow). Regardless of sizes and connection types, sockets and
    plugs can be interchangeable within NL20 type and within NL40 type (however, NL20 and NL40 types can
    not be interchanged between the types).

  • KS Series Quick Couplings

    BOLTON KS Series Quick Couplings have twin valve design to eliminate the loss of fluid. When socket
    and plug are connected, the valves in socket and plug push against each other and open the passage;
    when the socket and plug are disconnected, both the socket and plug are completed sealed.

  • QC Series Quick Couplings

    BOLTON QC Series Quick Couplings are compact and lightweight, suitable for diverse applications. The
    push-pull action to connect and disconnect enables quick and easy operation. Its DESO (double-end
    shutoff) design opens the passage when the body (socket) and stem (plug) are connected; the passage
    closes when the body (socket) and stem (plug) are disconnected.