PT45 Type Bending Hose Barb3
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PT45 Type Bending Hose Barb

PT45 Type Bending Hose Barb

PT45 Type Bending Hose Barb connects pipes with hoses to suit different sizes or shapes, and for other purposes, to process water, gas or liquids in home or industrial systems. Designed with a 45° barb tail shape for quick and easy connection. Often used to connect many different pipes such as air pipes, fuel pipes, water pipes, etc.

Product Features
● Simple structure.
● Barb tail type, the hose can be firmly installed on the joint.
● The full range of products includes straight, elbow, tee, and other internal and external thread joints.
● Material: precision casting

Technical parameter
● Working pressure: 10 kgf/cm² (precision casting)
● Hose inner diameter: 1/4"~1-1/2"
● Thread: PT, NPT

● Suitable for equipment assembly and liquid and gas piping connection in various industries.
● After special treatment, it can be used for food and medical equipment. (subject to conditions of use)
● Before installation, please apply anti-seize compound or wrap leak-proof tape on the outer thread(PT, NPT) of the pipe.