PT Female Thread x Hose Barb3
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PT Female Thread x Hose Barb

PT Female Thread x Hose Barb

PT Female Thread x Hose Barb connects pipes with hoses to suit different sizes or shapes, and for other purposes, to convey water, gas or liquids in domestic or commercial environments. Designed with a straight barb tail shape for quick and easy connection. Often used to connect many different pipes such as air pipes, fuel pipes, water pipes, etc.

Product Features
● Simple structure.
● Barb tail type, the hose can be firmly installed on the joint.
● The full range of products includes straight, elbow, tee and other internal and external thread joints.
● Material: precision casting

technical parameter
● Working pressure: 10 kgf/cm² (precision casting)
● Hose inner diameter: 1/4"~1/2"
● Thread: PT, NPT